The Way To Get Better Marks In Examination

January 8, 2014 11:39 pm

As a student we had to participate in any kind of examination. So to get good marks  In these examination we need some ways and method. So lets go to know about its ways. Its true that most of our students cannot write out their examination papers fairly.  As they cannot understand the questions properly, they often beat about the bush and bran their answer with irrelevant and unnecessary details.

So many times they also fail to arrange their answers neatly, cleanly, systematically and logically. Although the teacher suggests that their answers should be brief and precise, they often lengthen them unnecessarily. Where size does not a factor at all they have a silly notion that the more they write, the more they will get marks.

But it is their wrong idea. The reality is just the opposite, their long answers generally become disgusting things and unnecessary which always earn poor marks that because of they regularly become disappointed. So, I mean in order to get expected marks in every  examinations, what you all should do is to understand the questions well and answer them just to the main point.

Don’t worry, if your answers are fairly short that means so small to see. Be sure your sentences make sense. Above all you need a neat and clean presentation. While answering the short comprehension questions, you should not copy something from the text as blindly. And all time you try to give answers of the questions more ore less in your own language or  English.

Frame your answers exactly in the same tense as on the questions are in already exists. And don’t forget to write short and simple sentences because its useful to get good marks. Above all you have to give all answers on the examination’s papers of all questions neatly and fairly and you have to keep follow to  the exact time of examination. Then of course you will get good and your expected marks in every examination.

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