I Phone- 6 Update News 2014

May 10, 2014 7:26 am

IPhone- 6 coming soon  on August 2014 by the world wise market. You can to known update news of Apple Company published  IPhone- 6. Already published variates model of IPhone- 6.

One month before the scheduled time, Apple company has plans to bring to market IPhone- 6. Samsung and HTC has recently come on the market very competitive, due to the widespread success of the hyandasetegulora smartphone makers Apple decided. Take those who are ready to buy iPhone- 6.

Quoting unconfirmed international media reported. September was supposed to bring to market the iPhone- 6. According to the media not in September, a month before the IPhone- 6 coming on the market. Which is good news for iPhone fans.


Earlier in September, 2014 Apple announced the IPhone- 6 to bring to market. The new handset is expected to be a 7-inch screen 4 decimal. IPhone- 6 large chip manufacturer in the world of the chips have been working on the creation of institutions in Taiwan semitransparent Manufacturing Company (tiesaemasi).

Already phaksakana manufacturer and ordered to take up the matter at pegatranake Apple. Work will begin in late June, they are believed to be assembled at the handset. At the low price of Apple smart phone customers will be given.

In addition at September 5 decimal 5- inch screen IPhone- 6 decimal 6 handsets can be released. The 8 million handsets are expected to be sold by Apple. September 01 of the latest handset to market the Apple iPhone- 5.

Why choose IPhone- 6 over other smartphones ?
1. The builder of the World Mobile Company of Apple IPhone- 6.
2. IPhone can be used very well- 6.
3. IPhone- 6 batari very powerful, which can be used for a long time.
4. IPhone- 6 gold mantled Chloris likely to lose.
5. When the iPhone is now available gold mantled Chloris- 6.
6. Customers will be able to purchase.
7. IPhone- 6 camera is very good.

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