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November 27, 2014 3:30 am

National Feed Mill Ltd IPO ResultNational Feed Mills Ltd IPO lottery result will be publish today on 27 November, 2014. Download NFML IPO lottery result in available here. Known to general and NRB IPO lottery result follow this site. The company publish result that time we are publishing all result. The company address is and DSE address is

The group of company Founded by Akther Hossain Babul, Chairman and CEO. The company was start 1998 of Gazipur in Bangladesh. The company have three project, its (1) National Feed Mills, (2) National Hatchery and (3) National Welding Electrodes. Today publish only one sector IPO lottery result of National Feed Mills Limited. It is important part of the group of company.

The initial public offering (IPO) of the shares allocated to applicants at the receiving end of the application will be a lottery draw. National Feed Mill Limited Lottery draw on October 27, will be held on Thursday, CSE sources. Lottery draw on the company’s capital in Ramna Institution of Engineers (IEB) of the Seminar will be held at 10 am in the morning on the 27th October 2014.

National Feed Mills Limited IPO Result:

  1. Bank / Branch Code
  2. General Public IPO Result
  3. Non – Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)
  4. Affected Small Investor
  5. Mutual Fund

The initial public offer of 844 core 46 million 30 thousand worth of the company submitted. Uptake of 46.91 times the money. Of 550 core 82 lac 50 thousand from investors money submitted. Loss of 61 core 83 lac 45 thousand rupees from investors, NRB 33 core 65 lac 35 thousand rupees from investors submitted. Mutual fund investors in the sector, from 198 core 15 million applications have been filed.

The company’s IPO application is accepted until October 30 to October 6, 2014. However, it was an opportunity for investors abroad 8 November. National feed stock for 18  core cash withdrawal from the  1 core 80 lac shares released. For each of the shares were priced at Tk. 10. Determine the market lot is 500 shares. With the company’s business expansion through IPO Raises Money, bank lone debt and capital expenditure costs will IPO.

Stock investors seem to have made it back to the market concerned. According to them, a good indication of the market in recent time there is a continuous decline. Regulatory agencies, as well as some of the steps taken as a result of institutional and individual investors in the market are on the side lines. Trade volume decreased as a result of the market decline in the index is greater. However, institutional investors and large investors, as well as general market soon will turn to the active transaction.

From August this year, due to positive investor confidence in the stock comes back shares market. The market is seen to be a lot of new investors. But the continuing decline in the market from mid-October, 2014 to come down again. The recent regulatory agencies as a result of strict action against a company in the market, some of the institutional and individual investors in the market is going to go on the side lines. The volume of transactions in the market seem to be happening in the fall of the index decreased.

That the position of the last three months ago, the market was currently around it arrived. Investors are now one-by mode. In this situation, the role of an active trading market for all types of investors to come back soon. Year ended 31 December 2013 company earnings per share (EPS) is Tk.1.86 per share cash and asset value (NAV) is Tk.14:55.

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