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December 10, 2014 8:05 pm

Primary IPO C & A Textile Limited lottery resultPrimary IPO C & A Textile Limited lottery result will be publish on 11th December, 2014 after 10am. Collect IPO lottery result search by www.cnatextiles.com and our own web site. Download result and all information can get C & A Textile official site and DSE official site.

The Textile Limited Company C and A the initial officers (IPO) lottery draw will be held on Thursday, 11/12/2014. The lottery draw will be held at 10 am in Engineers institute. Bangladesh capital market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), depending on the draw will be held for approval.

According to the company’s IPO 20 times submitted. In Tk. 9 hundred and 10 core 15 lac applications have been filed. Company news, 45 core in the last 9 November, the company began to apply. Until November 13 at the time of application for ordinary investors and the opportunity for Non Residential Bangladeshi (NRB) investors in 22 November, 2014. The company wanted to make money from the market to the extent that 19 percent of its 52 times more applications have been filed.

C & A Textiles Limited IPO Result:

The company is the market price of Tk. 10.00 to 4 core from 50 million shares for 45 core money will be collected. Determine the value of each share is Tk. 10.00 Market lot of 500 shares. According to the company’s latest financial report for the year earnings per share (EPS) 1.78 per share cash and asset value (NAV) rose 18.38 percents rupees.

Subscription date was: The Company’s subscription will be start general public from 09 November to 13 November, 2014 and Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) till 22 November, 2014.
Numberof share offer: Total=45,000,000 shares
Share allotment: 60% for General Public.
Value of IPO: Tk. 450,000,000.00
Premium value: Not available
Face value: Tk. 10.00
Small Affected: 20%
Market lot: 500
Mutual fund: 10%
NRB: 10%

Nearly 5 hundred and seventy eight core from investors through banks are application form, and Trake Holder Merchant Bank has Tk. 3 hundred million and 71 lac dollar application. Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the 528th meeting of the company’s IPO. The company is responsible for the issue of management AFC Capital and Imperial Capital Limited.

Factory Location:
The factory premise of CATL is located at Plot # 61, 62, 66, 67, 68, 72 & 73, BSCIC Industrial Estate (Extn.), Kalurghat, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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