BD IFAD Autos Limited IPO Lottery Result Download

December 22, 2014 7:02 pm

IFAD Autos Limited primary IPO lottery resultThe company of IFAD Autos Limited primary IPO lottery result will be publish on 24th December, 2014 after 10am. Primary IPO lottery result download and collect by the company official website of, DSE and our own site of IPO information. All IPO information is available.

IFAD Autos Ltd. is top of autos company of our in Bangladesh. IFAD Autos Ltd. started out in 1985 as the pioneering company of IFAD Group. Primary initial public (IPO) of the shares allocated to applicants IFAD Autos Limited Lottery Draw the next 2 4 December, 2014 will be held on Wednesday. IFAD Autos Limited primary IPO lottery draw of the day at 10 am, will be held at the Institute of Engineers in Romna of the capital city Dhaka. The company in the last 23 November to 27 November, 2014 the application is accepted. However, it was an opportunity for overseas investors to 6 December, 14 for Non Residential in Bangladesh (NRB).

The company’s IPO application has been submitted 1 thousand 39 lac 50 thousand. In this general quota of Tk. 702 crore 63 lac 60 thousand, the loss  quota of 78 core 28 lac 62 thousand, 185 core 57 lac 64 thousand of Mutual Fund and the quota of investment abroad Tk. 56 core 89 lac 64 thousand. This company is very favorite for primary IPO buyer. Every man want to be benefited and profited. All shares business mans concepts this IPO value will be increases.

IFAD Autos Limited IPO Result:

  1. Bank / Branch Code
  2. General Public IPO Result
  3. Non – Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)
  4. Affected Small Investor
  5. Mutual Fund
  6. Distribution of Refund Warrant

The IFAD Autos Limited withdraw of Tk. 63 core 75 lac for 2 core 12 lac 50 thousand shares of sell. 20.00 taka with a face value of Tk. 10.00 per share price has been set at a premium of Tk. 30.00. Market shares of 200 lots. Money raised through the IPO to expand the company’s business, the bank will pay the debt and expenses IPO expenses. According to the company for the financial year ended 30 June 2014 Earnings per share were 5.16 per share in cash, and the resources of Tk. 44.12.

Subscription open: 23 November 2014
Subscription close: 27 November 2014
Subscription close for NRB: 06 December 2014
Market lot: 200 shares
Single lot price: Tk. 6000.00

Company Product: The company Currently supply double Decker buses, CNG buses, covered vans, trucks and special vehicles. This company product is available in Bangladesh with world wide. Its very good autos and its goodwill is very very popularly. For this every people and country are selected this company products. Every year earns of foreign currency.

The company Address:
Address for Corporate: Sonartori Tower (14 to 17 floor)
12, Biponon Commercial Area, Sonargaon Road
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Corporate Phone Number: 880-2-9632753-7
Hotline Number: +044-78009768
Email Address for Corporate:
company Web Address:

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