20th Dhaka International Trade Fair- 2015 Open 1st January

December 26, 2014 6:43 pm

20th Dhaka International Trade Fair- 2015 will be start 1st January and it will be close 31st January 2015. DITF all information are available by www.ditf-epb.gov.bd and our website. Collect DITF all facilities and opportunities follow every day by all time. Here published latest info all time.

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF)- 2015 is going to start on the 1st January. It is 20th International Trade Fair. The end of last year 19th trade fair of the same place. Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), hosted a total of 14 countries are taking part in this year’s fair in four continents. Businessmen and entrepreneurs from various countries to match the products on display. The fair every year in the month of December to January. In Sher-E-Bangla Nagor of Capital city Dhaka is organized 31.53 accor place. The 20th Trade Fair preparations are underway. Stalls framework to work fairly. Although there is little left to be completed before the date of 1 January 2015.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will opening the DITF-2015. The fair has brought little change compared to the previous year. Fair for women entrepreneurs have created a special zone. Visitors of all women and men will be able to used through stalls nicely. Authorities stall kind of business you want to be able to do it in the zone. Foreign zone has been created in the middle of the road. Three digital direction indicator and two children to the park, which is a new attraction. The remains of the different measures for access for the disabled. Last year was not this attraction.

Security measures have been quite strong compared to the previous of all trade fair. The fair stall owners to protect the visitors of 80 closed circuit cameras (CC TV) have been established. You can easily keep track of all the places. Immediate resolving any complaint will be deployed for a fair court of a magistrate. The Police, RAB and Ansar fair courtyard and will be conducting patrols the road outside the court. More Fire Brigade car of all the materials, to deal with any accidents.

In addition to being in the Sundarbans Eco-park, the four mobile network towers, two fountains, 36 umbrella spot, 200 in the trash cans, flying balloon of advertising systems, 4 ATM Booth, light box, digital signboard, Mother and Child Center, Bangabandhu pavilion are etc. Among others, the history of Freedom Fighters, freedom of movement and freedom of Bangabandhu Pavilion includes the title role.

Some Important Info of DITF-2015:
DITF Opening Date: 1st January, 2015
DITF Closing Date: 31st January, 2015
Enter the Price: Adults Tk. 30.00
Enter the Price: older & infants Tk. 20.00
Total Continent: Four (4)
Total Country: 14
Organization of: 41
Total Stall: 459

Major products include fair machineries, carpets, cosmetics and beauty aids, Electrical and Electronics, jute products, leather, leather goods and food, Sports products, sanitary products, toys, stationery, watches, jewelery, ceramics, table cloth, domestic textile, cable, Melamine, processed foods, fast food, furniture and handicrafts etc.

Trade fair in Asia, North America, Australia and some countries are participating in the European continent. The countries are gaining their products in Pakistan, India, the United States, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Iran, Malaysia, China, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Germany. Total of the 41 countries are participating in the organization of various categories.

The number of visitors may be coming in the fair of every day 1 lac. This entry is set to match the money to adults Tk. 30.00 and older infants Tk. 20.00 money. The fair includes a total of 4 hundred & 59 stalls. 81 in the Pavilion, Mini Pavilion 51. The remaining own countries is 6 restaurant, 4 international restaurants addition to 31 internal food stalls.

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